“Suns” on Spotify

Happy New Year!

I just wanted to let you know that you can listen to my single “Suns Used to Shine” on Spotify.

Search for “Therese Kim” in Spotify, and you’ll find it.



Second Single: “Oberon’s Place”

Just a quick heads up: my next single will be “Oberon’s Place.”┬áIt’s a piece that questions and imagines where time goes, and features vocals, piano, keyboard, violin, and harp.

Lindsey Stirling…

I love her, her contagious zest for life; and beautiful, imaginative and often epic music videos. Read that she (often?) visualizes these videos as she writes her music, and that she studied film for a while. She writes music depicting universal themes. And she’s not shy about sharing her faith. All reasons I feel she’s a kindred spirit. Here’s one of those amazing videos (if you’ve managed to avoid seeing it–it’s everywhere).